1. vanityprojects-arch:

    Eric Mendelsohn’s ‘Einstein Tower’ Potsdam, Germany [1923]
  2. archiveofaffinities:

    Stanley Tigerman, The Hermitage - A Cooperative Housing Development, Chicago, Illinois, 1966-1967 

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  4. noveskesupersnipe:

    Part#607 magically wound up missing today from the upper portion of my grip, i’ve lost it and i don’t know where or when. It also isnt available on the pro shop either. Tomorrow will consist of stressful phone calls and miscellaneous fuckery, trying to obtain this piece…i can already smell it.

  5. angeldemarcos:

    Con esta entrada se abre mi portfolio: Reconstrucción en tres dimensiones de la fortaleza de San Antonio (Plaza de la Bastilla, París). Incluye la localización del lugar en un plano del París de la época (1789).

  6. martinlkennedy:

    Cutaway illustrations from the book Frontiers of Space (1969)

  7. calumet412:

    Sky divers form over Grant Park, 1977, Chicago

  8. mapsontheweb:

    North America in 1783


    The accepted boundaries in 1783, after the Revolutionary War. New Orleans still under dispute. Map was drawn by Robert M.Chapin, Jr., published in the Making of Modern America, a high school text book, published in 1950 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

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  10. rollerman1:

    Cutaway 1911 showing some of it’s inner workings.

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