1. Weather girls in Congress, 1947

    (Source: timeplacetime)

  2. Sometimes, when I’m watching an older movie or TV show, I’ll catch sight of a street sign or other landmark. So I’ll go and find the same spot in Google Street View, just to see what the spot looks like now. Here’s a scene from a 1970 episode of Adam-12 (S-3, E-6) that features a 7-year-old Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver, Foxes) and Coleen Gray (Kiss of Death, Nightmare Alley). The intersection is Whipple Street and Riverton Avenue. They had much cooler cars back then.

    (Source: creepingirrelevance, via timeplacetime)

  3. Quai du Port, Saint-Denis, France by Robert Doisneau (1945) and Street View

    (Source: timeplacetime)

  4. thecarlosramos:

    Mort Drucker drawing for Mad magazine

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  5. ultimate-world-war-ii:

    Very detailed cutaway illustration of a Douglas Dauntless

    (Source: collectair.com)

  6. atomic-flash:

    It’s What’s Inside That Counts. The Cutaway Volkswagen Beetle - Early 1960s

    (Source: Flickr / x-ray_delta_one)

  8. oa-ar15:

    Porsche 993 911 Turbo - cutaway

  9. furtho:

    Vintage aerial photograph of Legrams Mills, Bradford (by Bradford Timeline)

    An actual photograph taken from an “Avro” Biplane, traveling at 80 miles an hour.

  10. taigas-vintage-stuff:

    some then-and-nows from Russia.