1. Union Made - Guaranteed

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    telephone handset from scientific encyclopedia

    sectional view

  3. accidental electrocution graphic

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    George W. Gardner: Airport office, Joliet, Illinois, 1972  (via)

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    By summer the FBI will have a face recognition database containing 52 million Americans

    New documents released in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation reveal that the FBI will have an operational face recognition database by this Summer, which will include the photos of some 52 million individuals. With the ubiquity of photos online, especially on social networking sites, the threat of any citizen getting caught up in this is real, and we’re not yet getting all the answers we need. Although the Next Generation Identification (NGI) database will assist with catching criminals on the run, it poses a major threat to personal privacy.

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    Map of area affected by the Peshtigo Fire - Occurred the same day as the Great Chicago Fire, but killed at least 5 times as many people.


    Here’s the Wikipedia page about it. Most people outside of Wisconsin have never heard of this fire, but more people died in it than any other fire in US History.

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    The soaring VW, 1958

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    Brigadier General Haywood S. Hansell posing with a map of the Tokyo region during November 1944. That’s right, I said posing.

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    At a community meeting at Bridging Communities in Northwest Southwest Detroit also known as Claytown or Lil-IB or Chadsey or Mcgraw Martin #raizup #maps #gis #organize I love maps

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    April 17, 1961: The Bay of Pigs invasion began.

    This tourist map of Havana was published in 1949, 4 years prior to the start of the Cuban Revolution, which ended in 1959. The former owner of the map penciled in some personal destinations, including the location of the local Woolworth’s. Several yacht clubs can be seen near the military airport.

    MapMirabal, Rogelio L. Panoramic and monumental map of Havana = Plano panorámico y monumental de La Habana / by Rogelio L. Mirabal ; compliments of the Cuban Tourist Commission. Havana: Cuban Tourist Commission, 1949.

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