1. Keno Motel - Reno, Nevada

    Then and now

  2. cardboardamerica:

    Keno Motel #2 - Reno, Nevada

    331 West Street
    Reno, Nevada 89501
    One block to town. Free TV and Ice. Beautyrest mattresses, bathtubs and showers. Family units. Baby sitters available.

  3. maptitude1:

    This map of San Francisco was made in 1912.

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  4. Katonah, New York

    Postcard and now

  5. mapsontheweb:

    Japan expansion, March 1941: Rising Sun Spread its Rays

  6. goodnighturpis:

    Conran, Terence (1974), The house book (London: Mitchell Beazley)

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  8. mapsontheweb:

    Areas at risk for Ebola emergence

    (Source: Washington Post)

  10. historicaltimes:

    Black Dahlia crime scene, 1947